Well being

Spa and Wellness

The Domaine has a beautiful mill that we have transformed into a real place of relaxation and well-being.You can relax in the Sauna and the Outdoor Spa with a breathtaking view of the mountains.
A Care Card is also available upon reservation (the day before or when you book your stay) to complete your relaxation.- Intuitive massage: shiatsu, ayurvedic, belly massage...) duration: 1h30Price: 85 euros- Metamorphic care: very soft massage, centred around the feet, hands and head is ideal to rebalance, while bringing strength and serenity. Duration: 1h30Price: 85 euros- Sports massage: This treatment is intended for anyone who practices a regular activity and facilitates muscle recovery, the elimination of toxins, as well as lymphatic and blood circulation, while preserving the flexibility of the jointsDuration: 45mnPrice: 75 euros- Reflexology: a reflexology session aims to revitalize the body, re-harmonize vital functions, release nervous and muscular tension, improve blood circulation, activate the lymphatic system and bring relaxation.Duration : 1h30Price : 85 euros